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The first step to moving better and feeling better is awareness.

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Body and Soul of Kansas City

Online Movement Courses To Be Pain Free and Stress Free
We offer classes in Yoga, Awareness through Movement and fitness.

These classes support you in Moving Well and Living Fully at any Age so you can Move Like A Kid Again

Are You Ready to Have More Comfort in Your Shoulders and Neck? Experience the gentle healing power of the Feldenkrais Method.

Comfy Shoulders on Thrivecart

Create ease in your lower back, hips and legs with slow, gentle movements.

Secrets to Happy Hips and a Healthy Lower Back

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Community is very important. The on-line classes are working to keep us connected and moving. Your body needs movement. Now it’s easy to Register and Pay Online, Just click below to get started!

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Feeling Better is a Choice…Health is a lifetime Habit.

Feeling Better is a Choice & Health is a Lifetime Habit.


Awareness Through Movement®




At Body and Soul of Kansas City, You become a part of a Friendly & Supportive Community.
Immerse yourself in an intimate Online Setting that is Safe & Comfortable in your own surroundings.

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When you sign up you get a teacher with 35 years experience & a free 15 minute initial consultation so we can learn about each other.

Learn to Relax, Move Better & Live Better!

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Haven’t moved for a while?

We have a class for you.

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Yes, we can do that.

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We have that as well.

Come and experience our welcoming community of health-minded people, Our intention is to accommodate all ages and all fitness levels.