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Body & Soul K.C. Reviews

Body and Soul has a wonderful, inviting atmosphere. There is no pressure or competition and everyone is encouraged to work at his or her own pace and comfort level. Although Barbara has a very disarming teaching style that puts everyone at ease, she has the skill and experience to guide all levels of students. I highly recommend Body and Soul to anyone interested in yoga!

Joe G.

Started Yoga with Barbara over a year ago when I retired. It has been the greatest of experiences for me. Her knowledge of Yoga and the structure of the human body is impressive. I think both sets of knowledge are necessary for excellence in Yoga instruction. She offers you far more than just Yoga poses; she knows how your body will be affected by the poses. Her classes are very friendly and non-competitive and your well being is most important. She is especially a great if you are no longer twenty-something and need some latitude in how much you can do. There is no pressure to push yourself beyond what is safe and comfortable.

Richard S.

Yoga, fitness, and movement classes for all levels in a safe and nurturing environment. You can’t find a more knowledgeable, qualified instructor than Barbara! Your body deserves this!

Karen M.

Barbara Anderson, has decades of experience in working with the body. I have done her restorative yoga and most importantly the Feldenkrais classes which has helped me work with my body gently and yet powerfully. Totally recommend.

Bobbie M.

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Barbara Anderson has decades of experience both broad and deep in a wide variety of yogas and other body activities such as Tai chi and Pilates. She has an in-depth knowledge of the body and its processes that many yoga teachers don’t possess, including Feldenkrais understandings. All of this makes her teaching more useful and safe. In her classes she creates a friendly community and an atmosphere of enjoyment. She is not yoga teacher who takes herself too seriously, yet she knows how to incorporate changes that enhance bodily movement. I’ve tried other yogas, but her classes provide the relaxation, stretching, and healthy movement awareness that show results in my everyday life.

Robert M.