Yoga Classes

Our intention is to accommodate all ages and all fitness levels.

Benefits of Yoga Practice

• Increased overall strength
• Greater endurance
• Better focus and concentration
• Increased ability to handle stress
• Better body alignment
• Injury prevention and/or correction
• Greater flexibility

YOGA Class Options

Yoga I

Can’t touch your toes? Afraid you may fall over? This class is for you.

This class is also for those physically fit looking to soothe the mind, revitalize the body and energize the spirit! Lean the basic yoga postures and breathing techniques here.

body and soul free class

Yoga II

You’re not quite doing handstands, but you got downward dog down!

In addition to learning more advanced poses, continue to develop strength, mobility and balance in this class.

Yoga III

You ready to give that handstand a try? Good, because here it comes!

Join this small supportive group of Body & Soul vets with this strength focused and almost aerobic work out.

Yoga 111

Free Introductory Booklet to Awareness Based Yoga (Check out the video inside.)

The first step to moving better and feeling better is awareness.

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