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Are feeling a little timid or uncertain about doing yoga. Schedule a private yoga class to become comfortable with how yoga is taught at Body & Soul K.C.Here are a few reasons you might choose to schedule a private yoga class.

Here are a few reasons you might choose to schedule a private yoga class:

• You have had injuries or surgery and you want to know how yoga can help you in your recovery.
• You want to take you current yoga practice to a higher level.
• You want to know how yoga can help you recover from the challenges of your job such as sitting all day.
• You want to explore meditation more personally.
• You and a few friends want a private class fit to the needs of your group.

Contact us. We can personalize a class for you.

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Individual Feldenkrais® Method Session Details

These hands on,one-to-one sessions are designed to work directly with the individual’s desired goals.

Functional Integration® has proven useful to people in chronic pain; including lower back, shoulder and neck pain, headaches, and diseases involving the central nervous system. It is especially useful for those with difficulty participating in classes or who desire the most rapid improvement.

Individual Feldenkrais® sessions are referred to as Functional Integration® sessions. In Functional Integration®, as the student lies on a low table, fully clothed, the teacher´s hands gently guide the client into a new way of moving and using her or his body. The often subtle movements feed information directly into the nervous system. Each lesson in this format is private and adapted to the student´s specific needs.

Individual sessions are based on an hourly fee.

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Individual ENERGY WORK

Ongoing sessions powerfully support the creation of new neural pathways to promote overall health and vitality.

During your session you will be asked to lie on your back fully clothed on a massage table. Once you are comfortable, you are invited to simply relax, close your eyes and receive.
The practitioner will work with your internal energy to not only create an optimal space to relax and de-stress, but also to experience expanded states of awareness and deeper levels of inner peace.

Some benefits of Conscious Transformation Energy Sessions include:

• Alleviating Stress
• Reducing Anxiety
• Revitalizing the Body
• Expanding States of Peace
• Deepening Experience of Spiritual Connection
• Harmonizing Mind, Emotion and Body to Create Vitality
• Attaining Profound Relaxation and Meditation

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