Restorative yoga is about slowing down and creating comfort.
A Restorative yoga class involves taking a “handful” of yoga poses and staying in each for an extended period of time.This allows you, the student,to more fully experience the intention of the “asana”. You have time to identify how and where you are holding tension and consciously release it. Key places to check for tension and holding are in your lower back, your abdomen, and in your neck and jaw muscles.

Props are used to support the body so you can relax and renew. Blankets, small balls, rollers, sandbags and other props are used to create a comfortable position. The teacher will help you set up the props so that your body is comfortable and supported. Once in the pose the breath is slow and never forced. This slow, gentle breath will lower blood pressure. As your body feels supported and relaxed, all the systems move out of “fight/flight/freeze” and move into heal and repair. Restorative yoga can reduce lower back pain, headaches, insomnia and is perfect for when you are feeling “something coming on”. It can be practiced by itself or as a wonderful addition to a more active class.

Take away the outer busy-ness and the gross muscle movement and you enter a rich inner landscape. You are beginning to understand the experience of inner awareness. You may drift in and out of sleep or you may find that place of deep, sweet meditation. You will leave class feeling calm and refreshed.