Create Your Space

A redesigned Body & Soul K.C. opened on January 1, 2020 It was a lovely space for yoga and Feldenkrais classes. It was warm and comfy with new flooring and new colors and calming lighting. The space felt well organized with storage for props and even a place to sit between
classes. Then came covid. Two months later on March 17 we closed.

As much as I like teaching on zoom I do miss the atmosphere of the studio. I love not having to drive when it is really cold. Remember the -20 and the 5 days of snow in February of 2021. But the actual physical setting of a studio did help set a mood. Class time was apart time. It was a
special time to focus and slow down.

I hope class time still feels like this on zoom. One way to make it feel more like your special time is to create a space in your home that supports your practice.

Ok, I can hear you laughing now. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that your house is too small or too cluttered or too busy. That may all be true but let’s imagine. Just play. It might be fun to imagine the space you would like to have.

Let me make myself clear. The quality of your practice does not depend on the external space. If your attention and focus are present, you can have a wonderful experience anywhere and at any time. You don’t an outside pagoda or a special room.

BUT, if the idea of creating a special space sounds FUN,
Start Imagining Now!

Start flexing your imagination muscle!

• What colors would you like to be surrounded by?
• How do you want your lighting?
• Would you like a rug? Or pillows?
• How about a scent? I love jasmine or gardenia.
• What props do you have and how would you store them?
• What things would add to your feelings of comfort and relaxation?
• Would you have plants? Or music?
• Maybe you would want a table for your zoom device.

When you are choosing the things that you will put in your space reflect on what opens your
heart, quiets your mind and feels grounding or inspirational?

What helps you focus and reminds you to show up and love your practice time?

True confession. I have never created such a place for myself in my house. My living room zoom
space is the closest I have come. I have looked at plenty of Yoga Journal magazines and envied
what I saw.

I even collected pictures and imagined that I had that space in my house but I never took action.
You do not have to create a whole room. Just a few little things can make your space feel right to

It definitely does not have to be a complete redo . Sometimes just a light or a picture of someone
you love is enough to make the place feel special and all yours’.

What opens your heart, quiets your mind , feels grounding or inspirational?
What helps you focus and reminds you to show up and love your practice time?

If you get excited by this idea of creating your home studio, I would love to
see what you create.

Please share.